What We Do.

Digital Display Advertising
Images can be a powerful tool for advertisers. Combined with a call to action, a direct path to conversion, and specific targeting, Display Advertising can quickly become your most profitable advertising initiative.

At Digital Edge Media our Display Advertising is more than pretty pictures, catchy copy, and pop-up ads. Through our vast and far-reaching Digital Advertising Network of over 150,000 sites, we serve over 1 billion targeted impressions a month. Target consumers across the globe by their online behavioral patterns through keyword search, contextual relevancy, geographic location or site specificity. We work on CPM, CPC, or CPV model structures to conform to all types of media buying and budget parameters.

Looking for a boost in your ROI on your ad media spend? Diversify your strategy and add Display Advertising to your media mix today.
Behavioral E-mail Marketing
Through years of data mining and strategic data partnerships, we now manage one of the largest, most responsive e-mail databases in the business. 157 million opt-in consumers are selectable by over 300 different lifestyle, interest and demographic attributes. Separating us from our competitors is our Behavioral Targeting Technology™, allowing us the unique ability to target our data not only by interest selects, but also by actual responders - consumers who’ve previously taken action on offers sent to them by us. Selling rubber hoses? No problem. We've got the buyer that's recently responded to a gardening or a home improvement offer. Truly behavioral. Truly responsive. Truly unique.
Database Enrichment
Want to learn more about your existing customers? Know where they live but not their e-mail address? Interested in their age, gender, or income, perhaps? With our Database Enrichment service we can add valuable information to your existing customer list, increasing both your communication channels and targeting capabilities. Select from the more than 300 lifestyle and demographic data points we’ve compiled over the years in order to broaden your own online/offline marketing initiatives. Better targeting equals better retention. What’s better than that?
Direct Mail / Postal Data
While we’re a digital media firm first and foremost, that certainly doesn’t take away from the fact that our postal data is highly responsive as well. Tied into the 300 + selectable data points used for accurate e-mail targeting is an equally important database component of physical addresses. Periodic CASS, DPV, LACS and NCOA processes are performed on our 210 million consumer and 14 million business records, ensuring extremely high deliverability rates. Whether your initiatives are online or offline, we’ve got you covered.
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